One Easy Step


For: King’s College London’s Arts and Humanities Festival

Made with Holly Gramazio as part of Matheson Marcault, we created One Easy Step, an installation running in the Quad in Autumn 2016.

We started with a two-week period of playtesting and observation: how can you bring play into what is essentially a work space. What playful objects are people willing to engage with. Who will play and how? When? Can we discern why?

For the final installation we created a series of patterns on the ground designed to invite playful interactions. And within these patterns, we placed five mirrored plinths, each one gently glowing and with a purpose-designed game that passers-by are invited to play. Perhaps they’ll need to solve a maze; perhaps they’ll be invited to ask a question about the future, or race to spot particular objects in the world around them.