I write about design and its effects on culture, as well as games and interactive narrative.



The Game Design of Monarchies, for Killscreen (on architecture for gameplay)

A Walk through a Five Century Old Garden, for Killscreen (on historic gardens as spaces for play)

How To Tell Your Fortune Wherever You Are, for Hack Circus, with Holly Gramazio (an interactive experiment about the history of divination)

The Power of a Cape, for Killscreen (on accessorising in RPGs)

Tutorial Theatrics, for Eurogamer (on specific ways Destiny and immersive theatre converge)

The Joy of Forfeits, for the Wellcome Collection (on what we’ve forgotten about parlour games)


Game writing

221B, with Hide&Seek, for Warner Bros (role: Lead Writer)

Green Lantern, with Hide&Seek, for Warner Bros (role: Lead Writer)

House of Cards, with Coney, for Historic Royal Palaces (Role: Writer/Producer of historic newspapers and magazines as part of an immersive exhibition)

Conspiracy for Good, with Tea4Two, for Tim Kring (Role: Additional narrative and puzzle design)