Concert Club

Concert Club screenshotAs part of my work with Caper, I produced Concert Club – a Radio 3 prototype to test a new way of helping friends listen to live concerts together on iPlayer, that’s live until 17th July 2013.

Concert Club is a web app that aims to replicate key features of the book club experience for classical concerts online. It helps audiences access music and share it with friends and family, whatever their knowledge of classical music.

Being in the audience for any kind live music can be really exciting, and we wanted to see how the shared experience of listening together could be replicated online, and whether we could amplify knowledge and increase listening within social groups. There’s no one better than your friends to help you explore new music, and the  range of BBC Radio 3 ‘Live in Concert’ was an interesting use case to start with.

The work was funded by the Technology Strategy Board’s digital innovation programme IC Tomorrow as part of the ‘Digital Innovation Contest – Music‘

 Client: Caper/BBC Radio 3/TSB
Role: Producer