Biohacking cockroaches

Arduino at home is clearly old hat now:

Taking inspiration from the world of cyborg animals, they created a kit that provides their customers with all the tools they need to take over the nervous system of a living cockroach. In principle, the Backyard BrainsRoboRoach is nearly indistinguishable from the beetles Maharbiz is making in a university lab – and that is precisely what is so remarkable about it. It means we can all experiment with bionic bugs in our own homes.

If you’re new to the hobby of animal mind manipulation, the cockroach is an excellent place to start. Because a roach relies on its long, fluid-filled antennae for a host of sensory and navigational functions, its nervous system is stunningly easy to hack; all a wannabe roachmaster has to do is thread a wire inside each antenna. (“It’s like it’s designed to be a cyborg,” Marzullo says.)

The race to create ‘insect cyborgs’