House of Cards

William of Orange


House of Cards is an interactive exhibition in the State Rooms of Kensington Palace by theatre makers  Coney, which blends beautiful and surprising set design, games which help you feel part of the 17th century court, and playful historical interventions. It was a fascinating project to be part of, and has been hugely successful with visitors.

I was asked to do a project within a project – a series of newspapers and gossip magazines which provided historical context diagetically – within the historical world. We covered a fascinating period with financial bubbles, the growth of coffee shop culture, and heartbreaking stories of family squabbles between fathers and sons. It was very easy to pick out the human stories which resonate against today’s events, and I worked with a team of two palace researchers to cover a great deal of ground very quickly. We finally produced a series of twenty newspapers and magazines which told the whole story of the court from William and Mary’s first arrival to the end of George II’s reign.

Client: Coney, Kensington Palace

Role: Researcher, Writer