This is interesting: Bluebrain, makers of The National Mall describe it as a “location aware album” that is designed to change seamlessly as you move around a particular space. It’s lovely because it was designed actually on the ground, and is an entirely ambient experience. If I’ve understood the UI correctly, there is no hunting for the next location and then ‘collecting’, it simply knows where you are and reacts.

It’s something that is really familiar from 3d videogames, which always *just know* where your avatar is. Open world games are really fertile grounds for understanding location-specific stuff – they are basically human scaled worlds where every pixel and interaction has been designed to be fun. Parkland is probably our closest comparison in the real world – it’s designed to be pleasant and varied to walk through, to have moments to pause and things to draw you into the distance. Constantly changing music feels like an excellent level of interaction – it accompanies you as you explore and rewards you for going further, without demanding your full attention.

My only sadness is being the wrong side of the atlantic to experience this in person, especially as they have just launched a Central Park version.